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Cosmoswap is a beacon of innovation, harnessing the power of the Osmosis protocol to empower other chains within the blockchain ecosystem to establish their own services.

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Choose Network

Choose Network

Select between our options the IBC Network where you need to perform a swap

Set Swap

Set Swap

Set all the parameters needed to swap (amount, tokens..) and press the button

Check Tx Status

Check Tx Status

Go to Tx Status view to check the tx. If anything goes wrong let’s easy recover your funds

Swap Widget

Expand tx possibilitieswith customizable Outposts

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a swap?

A swap involves trading one token for a different one. To perform such an operation you need an exchange. There exists both Centralized Exchanges (like Binance) or Decentralized Exchanges (like Osmosis).

What exchange do I use to perform the swaps?

The Osmosis outposts use the Osmosis decentralized exchange to perform the swaps. In fact, instead to build their own DEx, the outpost chains can use this structure provided by Osmosis and the IBC technology to increase the user experience and on-boarding process of their platforms.

What about the fees?

You will pay for the IBC transaction costs on the outpost chain and the swap costs on the Osmosis pools. The costs for the transaction are shown on the wallet you are using, while the costs for the swap are shown on the interface.

No route for this trade

If you want to perform a swap but the swap button is disabled and says "No route for this trade", there is no route available on the contract to perform this swap directly. You can try to break the operation in two sub-operations, or sub-swaps, maybe passing through the OSMO token.

Not allowed

If you want to perform a swap but the swap button is disabled and says "Not allowed", this means that you denied the connection of the dApp to one of the chains involved in the swap operations. You can allow/deny such permissions directly through your wallet (e.g., keplr).

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